How Can You Make a Career in eSports?

The world of eSports is a fast-growing one and it is now even providing many different options for people to work within the industry, not that many people know about it yet.

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be a pro gamer to think about career opportunities in eSports and there are different options available to you.

The number of people looking specifically for eSports information is growing as opposed to getting the latest news from traditional sports like football or basketball, which you can always check out at Campussports.




Ways to Get Into the eSports Sector

eSports is a burgeoning sector in its own right, but of course, it has its roots in both real sports and the gaming and gambling world, with betting on eSports becoming increasingly popular. Many young guys once wanted to become professional casino gamblers and earn money by playing poker and online casino. Now more and more people are aiming on having a career in eSports with not just gaming but also digital sports drawing them in. 

Commentators, editors, casters, game testers, referees, social media professionals and many more are needed for eSports so here is your guide on how to get going. Games such as Minecraft, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Fortnite and many others are gaining more and more traction now which is leading to major firms looking to invest in the industry.

Choose Your eSports Type

Are you into sports or other games? Are you a pro or a novice? You will need to choose the right game for your skills and interests first of all.

The trick if you are new to all this is to match your experience to the game – in other words, pick a new one. A game that has been around for a while will no doubt feature many players who gave long since mastered it, but you need to practice so choose a game nobody has become a real pro at yet.

Keep Searching for Opportunities

Just like any other career, working within eSports means job hunting. According to the expert Michelle Thomas,  the author here, this can be especially true if you don’t want to be a player, but want an opportunity within marketing, PR or some other part of the industry.

Don’t give up quickly, and think about taking on a volunteer role or an internship to help get yourself some experience in event management or hosting tournaments.

Sign Up to an Online Course

This is a serious business now and as such, employers in Canada and right around the world are looking for high calibre candidates with degrees. But this is also the eSports industry and they fully appreciate how important working online is.

More and more people are getting degrees online with BA (Hons) in eSports available, while scholarships and diplomas are also options.

Enter Competitions

Back to playing, and there are tons of tournaments organized now with Canadians regularly playing for millions. Practicing your skills is one thing, but you need to do it under pressure and nothing will improve you more than playing against other top players.

The trick is not to simply tell yourself you’re good, but go and prove it! Take part, assess your ability and learn what skills you need to beef up on.




Your Options Are Open

Remember, there are various ways to get into eSports. Careers are available as journalists specializing in eSports, for game testers, product managers, referees and admin people as well as, of course, professional gamers too.

Find a niche that suits you best and absolutely go for it.


eSports is the present, true, but it is also the future. Get in now while you can be one of the first in your role and remember to follow our advice to keep yourself focused.

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