5 Team With The Best Odds To Win The Super Bowl 2021

The super bowl is again taking the internet by storm as fans and experts have started to give their advice and expectations for the upcoming Super Bowl 55 held at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. This much-awaited sporting event by Americans and other fans worldwide will be witnessed on February 7, 2021.

With only a few hiccups away, each expert and fans already had their favorite team in which they predicted to take home the Lombardi trophy. Betting sites have also released the odds for each team in the NFL. This is where most bettors used it as a reference for their betting decisions. To take a glimpse of the latest odds for Super Bowl 55, here is the list of the five teams who have the best odds. 

Kansas City Chiefs

All the eyes are on the Kansas City Chiefs, given that they are last year’s Super Bowl winner. The Chiefs earned the number one favorite spot this year with an odds of +200. The team also exhibited outstanding performance in the 2020 NFL games. 

With the award-winning and top fan pick NFL player Patrick Mahomes on the team, with the support of his teammates, who are also a dominant player in the league, the Chiefs’ chances of winning have doubled. Chiefs fans have high hopes that their favorite team will have a two-peat victory this year. 

Green Bay Packers 

The second favorite team is the number one seeder from the NFC, who also dominated their conference in the regular season of the NFL last year. The team also possesses a great Quarterback Aaron Rodgers who beat the Chiefs MVP Patrick Mahomes for the AP All-Pro Team’s Quarterback top spot. Rodgers is also dubbed by the popular sports analyst Jeff Reinebold to be the only player in the league that can outduel Patrick Mahomes

The Packers have previously listed a +380 odds by some bookmakers based on how they played in the NFL 2020. The team is starting to catch up with the Chiefs, which gives the Packers fans confidence that their team will win this year. 

New Orleans Saints

Another favorite team that has been a hot topic on the internet is the New Orleans Saints. Ended up on the third spot as the Super Bowl 2021 favorite team to win the championship with a +550 odds. As the second seed of the NFC, and by finishing the NFL 2020 regular season with a 12-4 record, the team has a high chance of taking home the Lombardi trophy this year. 

The Saints achieved the NFC South first seed this year, and it was their fourth time in a row. With the consistency, they show, Saints fans are hopeful that their favorite team will finally take home the trophy. 

Buffalo Bills

With a +600 odds and fourth most favored team for the Super Bowl this year, the Bills have also given their hearts out to their performances in the NFL 2020. The Bills finished the 2020 NFL regular season with 13-3 and the AFC East’s second seed. 

As the team’s Quarterback Josh Allen led the team to victory over the Colts in the wild card round, they deserve to be one of the teams to have the best odds this year. With the leadership of Allen, their chance of winning the Super Bowl 55 increases. 

Baltimore Ravens 

The Baltimore Ravens are the fifth team who have the best odds for the Super Bowl 55. With Lamar Jackson leading his team to victory with their game with the Titans nailing a score of 20-13, the team has earned its way to the top five best teams that have the chance to play and even win the Super Bowl 55.

However, Jackson needs to improve his postseason games performance to secure their spot in the Super Bowl. He has completed his passes by 64.4% this season, but he needs to do better to achieve victory or maintain the rate.

As we are nearing the date of one of the big sporting events this year, closely monitoring the Super Bowl odds is important, especially if you are planning to bet for the Super Bowl. To stay on top of the event, click here for FanDuel favorites and odds update to help you decide whether the team you’re betting on will win. 

Most successful bettors exert efforts and time to actively check for the improvements of development related to the achievements of their rooted teams and for any changes of the ongoing NFL postseason. If you want to succeed in this industry, it is best to do the same. 


There have been many new updates on the NFL results as we are slowly entering the Super Bowl season. As the Divisional Round and the Conference Championship are coming, more changes to each team’s odds are expected. However, the current odds are enough to predict the outcome of Super Bowl 55. 

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