Poker and Women: The Secret in Their Eyes

For many years, women have been away from many games that were “reserved” for men. Fortunately, this non-sense situation has been changing in our time, and now women are more than welcome to take part in almost any competition or sport. Our society has been making a tremendous effort to overcome this “segregation,” and in recent years, many women have won several events that not long ago were ruled by men.

Even brain games such as poker or chess have been played mostly by men. In these disciplines, there are basically no differences, and anyone can join a table. Several steps have been taken to promote these games among women.

For example, in poker, some of the best female poker players have become ambassadors for online sites, a privilege that allows them to play around the world promoting the game and inviting more women to join the tables, like Vivian Saliba or Kara Scott.

Ladies poker tournaments

Ladies poker tournaments are always scheduled at major events like the World Series of Poker (played every year in Las Vegas) or the World Poker Tour. As the name implies, these events are only played by women, and some organizers complement this with ladies dealers. We highlight this is not a new trend: since 1977, the WSOP has included a “Ladies Event,” and it has evolved from a $100 tournament to a $10,000 one.

As a note, women can participate in any tournament they want, and some females have conquered massive gaming fields and became champs. However, ladies’ events are designed to encourage women to join in the games. We must say the participation is always impressive.

Poker movies

Women have not only played poker but have also become game hosts or commentators, taking advantage of the knowledge they have. Not to mention movies devoted to poker like Molly’s Game, where a woman plays the main character.

Although “Molly” was running an illegal game, as stated in the movie, it changed the usual plot where the woman was only the companion of a secret agent like James Bond. Most likely, a sequel to Rounders (or remake), the most famous poker movie ever made, will include a central female character.

Do women like playing poker?

Even though the difference between the male ranking is still relatively high, many women have passed the million-dollar mark won at the poker tables. Vanessa Selbst, currently the TOP1 on the women’s all-time money list, has won more than ten million dollars in her career.

This is how thousands of women have written their names on the winner’s list. More and more women participate in live poker tours every day, charming the tables with their presence.

However, there is a long way to go: the male ranking leader has won five times more than Vanessa. Ladies’ poker events plus the right marketing are sure to attract women to the live and online poker tables.

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