Is Newcastle United the next super club in world football

The recent takeover of Newcastle United by a Saudi Arabian backed consortium has suddenly made them one of the richest soccer clubs in the world. While Newcastle United at the time of the takeover was second from the bottom, some believe the takeover will give them the impetus to create a ‘super power’ team, just as the likes of Manchester City, Paris Saint Germain (PSG), and Chelsea did after wealthy owners acquired the clubs. Fans of Newcastle will be over the moon just dreaming of what the future lies. If you are a soccer fan and want to see how the club will fare after its acquisition by wealthy owners, head over to gaming platforms like Mobilebet for a wide range of sporting events to bet and root for your favourite team. Meanwhile, here is how Newcastle United can follow in the footsteps of other football clubs to make good use of the newly found wealth.

Create the right mindset

A club with rich owners will ultimately mean fans will be dreaming of achieving big things. The money being invested by the new owners now means the club can acquire quality players to challenge for the top honours. While they expect to take it slow, the owners will ultimately demand to see their investments work, and thus it is up to the players and staff to have the right mentality and start viewing themselves as part of the big teams in world football.

Stick to a wage structure

While Newcastle United can now claim to be the wealthiest football club globally, given their wealthy owners, they will need to be careful about how they spend their money. New players coming to the club will know the owners’ deep pockets and will likely demand huge wages. On the other hand, some will purely come to get a huge payday. If Newcastle United are to be successful in the long run, they will need to be smart about using their newfound wealth.

Make signings that add quality to the squad

Money means that Newcastle United are now in a position to acquire top world-class signings. While this can improve the squad, it is also possible to create a disjointed team that works well together. The club thus needs to create a structure where the talent they acquire will work for the club and not just sign marquee signings just for the sake of it. They will also need to ensure the signings they make buy into the long term vision of the club and its owners.

The owners need to trust those responsible to do their jobs

It is very easy for owners to try and interfere or control the club when they see their investments are not working. However, the new owners need to realise that it takes time to build a successful club, and the position Newcastle are in means it may take longer than they would want. However, patience and letting those responsible steer the club’s vision will make Newcastle a successful club in the long run.

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