Can You Legally bet on College Sports? 

Football is the most popular sport to bet on nationwide in fall and winter. What’s more, it’s not just pro leagues that rule the day. College football can bring in lots of action. 

One of the biggest wagering events of the year is the College Football Playoff. Seasoned handicappers have a pronounced preference for the sport. 

This guide explains what people who want to bet on college sports legally need to get started. 

Best Betting Apps

More and more states in the US are greenlighting sports betting, and mobile betting has flourished against this backdrop. In states where betting on college football is legal, you can bet from anywhere within state lines. Here are some viable options.


In the battle for the top in sports betting, DraftKings is among the apparent leaders. Its top-quality, function-rich app has helped them stand apart from the crowd. Its layout makes navigating busy slates straightforward. 


BetMGM’s reliable mobile betting app has helped it increase its market share. The platform offers a range of wagers and markets. Bettors will enjoy an intuitive layout in terms of college football. They can also take advantage of the generous BetMGM sportsbook bonus code.   


FanDuel is another industry leader. Thanks to its attractive app and clean layout, it has become many punters’ top choice. There is a wide variety of lines, odds, and bets to take advantage of in a user-friendly mobile platform.


BetRivers’ focus on intuitiveness reflects in its product offerings. The app is feature-rich but easy to use. The operator also emphasizes its rewards program for clients. Bettors on college football will enjoy attractive odds.


Since launching in New Jersey three years ago, this operator has expanded its reach a great deal. At the moment, they are well-known for their novel features and college football betting options. 

Explaining college sports betting

There are lots of games to choose from, especially in football, from regular season kickoff to the national championship. All legal sportsbooks present lines and odds for the games people can bet on. These can usually be viewed on the NCAAF or football tab on the website. The odds feature in the main game listing. 

Types of Bets

The most common bet is the money line, and it’s also the simplest. You try to predict the winner of the game. The odds are positive for underdogs and negative for favorites. Sometimes, the numbers show the matchup expected by the sportsbook. 


With this bet, you guess how many points both teams will score in total. Bookmakers list an estimated total, and you bet if the points will be more or fewer than that number. This is why this bet is also known as an over/under. 

There is enough time for handicapping because college football odds are set long before kickoff. Bettors will see odds for the games to take place every next week during the season. This time also increases volatility, albeit being an advantage where research is concerned. Betting platforms will change odds in response to betting tendencies. 

Spread Betting

Handicappers have a preference for this option. The bookmaker sets a spread to be covered by your team of choice. You can choose the underdog plus spread or the favorite minus the points.

Recap: Benefits of Legal College Sports Betting

Legal college sports betting ensures access to live play at all times as long as the bettor resides in the respective state. Licensed operators must meet particular security and safety standards, and convenience is advantageous. Your funds are protected, and you have legal remedies at your disposal if a dispute arises. 

Another benefit is the competitive marketplace. As operators fight for customers, they offer more and better-quality promotions to attract new players and retain existing users. Many sportsbooks also have an integrated or corresponding site with poker, slots, and other forms of gaming.

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