Eyes on the Ball: 5 Golf Betting Tips Every Beginner Should Know

Unlike other types of sports betting like football betting or basketball betting, Golf betting needs you to have a higher understanding of the game and each name that goes in every tournament. It’s not a requirement per se, but the payouts in golf betting can be outrageous at times. 

If you’re a beginner and want to join in the fun, you’re in luck because we will be talking about some essential tips that every beginner like you should know. If you want to do your research on golf betting, the following tips will be a good guide for your research because they are generally good points to start with. 

With all that said, here are some tips you might want to know about golf betting.

Familiarize the Courses

Of course, you don’t have to dissect every hole a golf course has. You just have to familiarize yourself with the layout and the region in which the course is located. For example, a lot of courses use poa annua putting surfaces. This type of surface is bumpy, especially late in the afternoon. Many golfers, especially from the Southeast, find it hard to play on this surface.

Not only that, but you should also check if the course is tree-lined with many doglegs or open off the tee with a lot of long par -4s. One rule of thumb in gauging how a golfer will perform is to bet on a golfer who is comfortable with the kind, of course, he is playing in. 

Just look at Phil Mickelson. He grew up in San Diego and went to his college in Arizona state. It’s no coincidence that each of his first seven wins was on the west coast.

Follow the Weather Reports

Golf is mostly done outside under the open sky, so it’s only natural that the current weather will play a hand in many games. That said, before you place your bets, it’s a generally good decision to also factor in the weather forecast. For example, if you know that the wind is benign early Thursday morning, but it will be 20+ mph in the afternoon, you can use this information to your advantage. 

You can, for example, pile on some first-round lead bets on the guys that will be playing early on the day. Another thing you can use this information for is to use it on the head-to-head odds. Weather discrepancies aren’t always factored into pricing initially for many betting sites.

Ignore the Hype

Now and then, a golfer will do better than expected, and then the bets will be pouring on him the next week. This is called the recency bias, where many bettors, expecting that golfer to again win against all odds again, will bet on him. The bookies, accounting for this situation, will make the odds half. So, for example, last week, that golfer had +20000, and after he won, the oddsmakers will mark him +6000 next week.


But as a smart bettor, you might want to stay away from betting on that golfer because the value is not worth it anymore. Even though he will win, your payout is not that much. For the most part, oddsmakers should’ve gone with something closer to +20000 because the chance of that golfer winning again is still pretty much the same as last time.

Look at the Trends

When studying matchups, you’ll notice a few trends that are easy to catch and learn once you know how they work. For example, let’s have a matchup between Tiger Woods and Jordan Spieth. 

Tiger Woods tends to start the tournament slowly. Back in 2019, he averaged 68th in first-round scoring. On the other hand, Jordan Spieth is ranked 5th. That said, betting on Spieth will give you a value of +175.

Learn How to Find Value

Finding value is essential not just in golf betting but betting in general. If you don’t know how to look for value, you’ll be missing out on many big payouts along the way. For example, you might win most of the time when you’re betting on the favorites, but how much are you winning? Not much, most likely. 

That said, instead of betting on big names like Tiger Woods because they have big odds on golf majors, why don’t you try betting on the other top 20 in the world, especially when they are in their element. They might have a lesser chance of winning than Tiger Woods, but their payouts are great.

Final Words

Golf is a fun sport to bet and not to mention; there are a lot of opportunities for you to win big payouts. Just make sure to follow the sport in and out and consider many external factors like the weather and the type of surface the course is using. That said, learning the game is easy, but betting on it is quite complicated. Just follow the tips above, and you’re good to go.

Betting Is A New Hobby Of Most People In Bangladesh
Betting Is A New Hobby Of Most People In Bangladesh