5 Crowd-Pleasing Backyard Games for Your Next Tailgate

With every good sports watch party, there’s a group of people pretending like they’re the athletes you all gathered to watch in their own tournaments of whatever backyard game the host provided. 
Backyard games are no joke. People get extremely into the trivial act of tossing a corn bag at a piece of wood or stacking blocks on top of one another without letting the tower collapse. But which backyard game is the best? 
There are different backyard games for different occasions, but still, some games simply reign supreme. A recent analysis by Empire Today mapped out the most popular backyard game in each of the 50 states, and these are the games you should definitely have at your next tailgate. 

Ring Toss 

The classic carnival game dating all the way back to the 1800s is a backyard game that’s still loved today. It’s the clear winner of the most popular backyard game, topping 9 states in the nation. It’s very simple, requiring minimal thinking, rules, or setup, so it’s the perfect addition to any tailgate. 

Giant Jenga 

We’ve all played, and probably got unnecessarily frustrated with the board game, Jenga. But giant Jenga takes the fun to a whole new level making it an easy way to entertain a crowd. Six states have Giant Jenga as their top backyard game. 

Flag Football 

If you love watching football, you probably love playing football too. Flag football is a fun way to get partygoers up and moving – and it’s the third most popular backyard game in the US. Just be sure people remember that they’re not actually in the NFL before things get out of hand. 

Frisbee Golf 

Frisbee golf or disc golf is a fun combination of two games. It does require a little more set up than the other options, but there are definitely DIY ways to create this game so you can play it without buying the professional set. 


It seems like cornhole is the go-to at most tailgates, so it’s surprising that this backyard game isn’t further up on the list. Cornhole is simple in its premise but can be a very competitive tournament. Plus, you can buy themed cornhole boards that support your team which makes for an added decoration. 
Honorable mentions go out to capture the flag, tug of war, and beer pong. No matter what you’re tailgating, a backyard game is an easy way to add excitement to the party. 

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