Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers Of All Time – Ranked

One of the most important topics in any sports conversation is who is the top 10 most exceptional performer or player of that sport.   The criteria for who belongs where is different for everyone. When it comes to wrestling, there is not an exact criterion to measure who resides in the Greatest Of All Time conversation. Let’s take a look at the top 10 wrestlers of all time.

10. Sting

This is questionable because Sting did not get his start in WWE so to say. But if you look at his overall career and look at his transition into the crow sting then you will understand how this man is a perfect example of a character rework and you look at how much of an impact he made he definitely has helped wrestling promotions grow and gain popularity.

9.Bret Hart

So overall, Bret Hart did not have the most illustrious career, but Hart still made an impact as one of the most exceptional wrestling technicians to ever step in the ring. Hart’s issues with WWE came from his problems with Vince McMahon but that should not shy away from his impact on the wrestling world. Some of his best matches came from his rivalry with Shawn Micheals and Stone Cold Steve Austin. Although he went through a rough time during his stint in WCW he is still one of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

8.Macho Man Randy Savage

The Macho Man had the complete package he had excellent mic skills, he had the in-ring talent, and even when he was a heel, the fans still loved him. Macho Man put one of the greatest matches of all time when he faced Ricky the Dragon Steamboat. Macho Man was a big part of the company in the late ’80s and his charisma and in-ring presence is something that wrestlers today try to emulate and incorporate into their characters.

7.John Cena

This can be debated but when you look at a superstar who been the most successful in the modern-day era you have to talk about John Cena. Cena is tied with Ric Flair for the most world championship in WWE history. Cena has been the face of the company since his uprising in 2003 and to this day, Cena is still synonymous with the WWE. Cena, you love or you hate him he has cemented himself as one of the greatest of all times.

6.Hulk Hogan

What would this list be if Hogan is not on this list? The man has taken over the wrestling industry, been a significant part of the sport for over a decade. He was a figure that everyone loved even when he went to WCW and became a part of NWO. Fans hated him but still paid to see him and the storyline he was involved in. Hogan was great on the mic and could get anyone to react with emotion.

5.The Rock

The Rock still finds a way to get a pop when he comes back to WWE. The Rock was just one best guy to ever pick up a microphone. He could make the most entertaining promo whether he was a face or he was a heel. The Rock has made a name for himself in the acting world and sports entertainment. He was a crucial part of WWE in the late ’90s and help keep WWE in the rating war. Rock still the best guy to ever take a Stunner.

4.Ric Flair

Ric Flair was the most excellent heel to ever step foot in the ring. Flair could put on excellent quality matches with the likes of anyone. He was the dirtiest player in the game making the bad guy look cool. He is has made an impact on the younger generation and any promotion he was the top guy and he is just legend in the business.

3. Undertaker

The Undertaker has been dominant since made his debut. Undertaker has been a crucial part of WWE and has made his presence well known in the industry. Undertaker was a significant part of the attitude era and the ruthless aggression era. The deadman had the highest WrestleMania streak ever before losing to Brock Lensar at Wrestlemania 30.  Undertaker without a doubt belongs in the hall of fame.

2. Shawn Micheals

Shawn Micheals is the greatest entertainer of all time, his persona has been one that has not changed. He’s put on some of the greatest matches in history. Mr.Wresltemania just always finds a way to put on a show in any event. He was great on the mic; he was a tremendous in-ring character. Micheals was great in DX all around; he was the most exceptional performer of all time.

1.Stone Cold Steve Austin

Stone Cold is arguably the greatest wrestler of all time; he had everything about him the rebel persona, the excellent entrance music, the mic skills the in-ring talent. He has been the cornerstone in the company for years, and even when he left, he was still a significant part of the company. Austin was a substantial part of the Attitude Era and helped propel the company into what the company is today.

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