Least known sports you can bet on

Besides football and rugby, there are dozens of other interesting sports you can wager on. Most of these sports don’t get the attention they deserve in the online gambling market, but they present solid opportunities for sports punters to make some extra cash. Here are the top five lesser-known sports you can wager on at online bookmakers like the Betway sports betting site.

  • Virtual sports

Virtual sports is one of the fastest-growing segments in the online betting market. Like betting on real sports, virtual sports bettors can access hundreds of betting markets without waiting hours to get the results. With virtual sports, punters can also wager on almost anything, ranging from virtual soccer matches to dog races.

  • Darts

You might think darts are a casual game played while drinking with your friends at the bar, but the sport has grown significantly over the decades. Today, the sport has a dozen of professional leagues across the world with thousands, if not millions, of followers and decent TV viewership.

Betting on a match winner is the most common way punters wager on darts as you choose between the two players. You can also bet on tournament winners or wager on the correct score. Some online betting sites also take live dart bets during matches.

  • Horse racing

While betting on horse races in person is common at the racetrack or traditional casinos, most people overlook this sport when it comes to online betting. Unlike betting at the racetrack, online horse racing punters at Betway don’t need to verbalize their bets to the teller, and the process is more seamless. Many online bookmakers also offer a wide range of horse racing markets besides the outright winner.

  • Snooker/ billiards

Snooker is another sport commonly seen as a casual game played when relaxing with friends. The game is simply a variation of pool or billiards, but professional players take the competitiveness to the next level.

There are dozens of high-level snooker tournaments worldwide, with different leagues keeping the action going all year long. Most online sports betting sites offer odds on major snooker tournaments like the World Snooker Championship and UK Snooker Championship.

  • Handball

Handball is a combination of soccer, basketball and hockey packed into a single sport. There are two teams with seven players each going head-to-head in a traditional style. The team with the most goals by the end of the match wins. Simple enough, right?

Top handball betting sites allow you to wager on the Handball Bundesliga, the European Handball Federation Champions League and the Spanish Liga ASOBAL, to name a few.

  • Swimming

While many don’t regard swimming as a mainstream sport, it presents great betting opportunities for sports punters. The sport is especially highlighted during the Olympics, but you can place a wager on swimming without waiting for four years.

Hundreds of swimming events are happening all year, and you can bet on tournaments like the US Open, Swimming World Cup and European Championships. However, most online bookmakers only accept bets on outright winners’ markets.

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