Michigan Aims To Strengthen Run Game, Eyes Buckeyes Prospect

Sherrone Moore deserves a big thumbs up. He was really smart when he got Tony Alford to leave Ohio State and join Michigan’s football team. Tony Alford was a big deal at Ohio State because he was really good at coaching the players who run with the ball.

It’s a bold move that’s sure to stir up the rivalry.

When lots of Michigan’s players and coaches were leaving for the big leagues, Moore had to be quick to build a great team. Snagging Don “Wink” Martindale, who used to plan defenses for the Ravens and Giants, was a huge win. But, it’s tough because so many talented folks left Michigan not too long ago…

Tony Alford has a knack for making running backs shine, like Ezekiel Elliott and JK Dobbins. In the Big Ten, running the ball is super important, especially when it gets cold. There’s a lot going on here, and it’s interesting to think about how Chip Kelly fits with Ryan Day’s team at Ohio State. For now, Michigan’s got a real gem in Alford.

This new coach gives Michigan’s team a strong way to play offense.

The downside? Michigan might get stuck winning games with not many points.

As long as Donovan Edwards is on the team, Michigan’s running game will be tough to beat. Even though Blake Corum left for the NFL, I bet Michigan will still be strong on the ground. But, I’m curious about how good Alex Orji will be as the main quarterback.

We know Orji can run, but throwing? That’s the big question. It might not matter for most games, but inexperience could be a problem later. Or maybe Michigan’s confident in Orji, or they’ll just focus on running the ball with Edwards.

I think getting Alford is a smart move to keep up with Ohio State. The Buckeyes are likely to win this year, but imagine if they lose to Michigan again? Alford might just give Michigan the edge they need.

You’ve got to give it to Moore; he’s got guts to make such a gutsy hire.

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