Duke Final Four & National Championship Last Appearances

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The Duke University Blue Devils are really good at basketball. They’ve been in a big tournament called March Madness a lot of times because they play so well.

Coach K was their coach for 42 years, and boy, did they win a lot!

After Coach K left, Duke still made it to March Madness. But, oops, they lost early to Tennessee. This year, though, they’re back with a bang! They beat the top team, Houston, and now they’re super close to an even bigger game in a place called Glendale.

It’s been ages since Duke fought for the big trophy. How long, you ask? Well, let’s take a little trip down memory lane.

Duke has been to the Final Four 17 times and won the whole thing five times. All those shiny trophies? They got them with Coach K leading the charge. The last time they were this close to winning was back in 2015. That year, they didn’t just make it to the Final Four; they won it all!

Back then, Duke was the team everyone thought would win. They had a bunch of players who would go on to be stars in the NBA. This season, it’s a different story. They’re not the favorites, but they’ve already shown they can beat the best. And if they make it to Glendale, who knows what could happen? We’ll just have to wait until Sunday to see if they can pull off another surprise.

Their journey this season has been like a rollercoaster, full of ups and downs. But here they are, ready to take on the challenge.

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