House of Alumni: Ja’Wuan James

Ja’Wuan James the 19th pick of the 2014 NFL Draft of the Miami Dolphins and former Tennessee Volunteer recently caught up with Campus Sports about his days in Knoxville.

In his time at Tennessee Ja’Wuan experienced three coaching changes, three different schemes, and three different coaching staffs.  He credits his easy transition to the Dolphins with this experience. “I learned a lot of different terminology which has helped me tremendously with the learning curve for the NFL,” James said.

When asked about his time in Knoxville he had nothing but positive things to say about his experiences despite the constant coaching turmoil.

“It’s amazing, I believe it’s the best place to play. There are 30,000 people at the Vol walk, you start your day there, then you go to game, and running through the T with over 100,000 people at every game.  It’s amazing,” James said.

When asked about his experience with the SEC and the competition level there, he had one particularly bold claim to share.

“It’s the third best conference in the world behind AFC, and NFC.”

James also mentioned his friend and former high school teammate, Austin Shepherd, now a starting offensive lineman for Alabama.

“I feel like Austin is going to do well this year, I am expecting big things.”

This year from the former Vol will be the starting right tackle for the Miami Dolphins, tasked with protecting Ryan Tannehill. He has the tools to succeed here, Dolphins fans should be very excited about James’ potential.