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NCAA Reopens Investigation of UNC


The University of North Carolina is once again under investigation by the NCAA in response to continued allegations of academic fraud and compliance by senior school officials. Amidst calls from alumni, players, and congressmen alike, the governing body over collegiate athletics will determine whether certain “paper classes”, offered within the university’s African and Afro-American Studies department, gave student-athletes an unfair advantage in the classroom.
Recent comments made by former Tar Heels shooting guard Rashad McCants, a major contributor on the team’s 2005 National Championship squad, suggest the allegations hold water. McCants recently told ESPN’s Outside the Lines that he, along with teammates, took independent study classes which only required students to submit a term paper at the semester’s conclusion; attendance was not required, and tutors often wrote athletes’ papers for them.
On top of these claims, McCants alleges that school officials were aware of the loophole. He said that academic advisers strongly recommended these paper classes to student-athletes Where attendance was concerned, McCants said coach Roy Williams would punish players who got caught skipping class with suicide runs, an indication that Williams and his staff were aware of his player’s absence in the classroom.
“Our players have been deeply hurt over the last couple of years, and again today, by the comments and innuendo concerning their academic achievements. The young men who accepted scholarships to play basketball at this University have done so expecting a world-class basketball experience, in addition to a world-class education,” Williams said, in response to McCants’ allegations. “Obviously, we pride ourselves on being one of the top basketball programs in the country, but equally important, in helping our players grow academically and socially, as we promised their parents we would.”
Since McCants’ interview, over a dozen former Tar Heels have spoken out in defense of Roy Williams and the UNC basketball program, although none have made their transcripts available to the public.


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