Rashad McCants Says He Is Receiving Millions From NCAA and UNC

University of North Carolina officials are attempting to set up a meeting with former basketball player Rashad McCants. However, McCants has stated he is unsure if he will meet those requests.

In a very interesting twists of events, McCants was a guests on SiriusXM’s College Sports Nation, which is hosted by Mark Packer and Houston Nutt, and made some mouth-dropping remarks…

When asked if he was willing to talk with Carolina officials, McCants said this,

“The question is what are we talking about, honestly. I mean I have a check being written to me from the University of North Carolina for over $10 million due to the exploitation of me as a player and the lack of education that I received,” McCants said, via the Charlotte Observer. “The NCAA has a check for me for over $300 million to help me facilitate these sports education programs across the country. These are things that’s in the works.”

McCants also said he never had a relationship with head coach Roy Williams.

“It looks like the relationship is severed, but there was never really a relationship between me and Roy,” McCants said. “I was the player and he was the coach. That doesn’t mean that every player on every team is friends with their coach.”

McCants had previously stated on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, that while a student-athlete at UNC, he took “paper classes” to stay academically eligible during the Tar Heels 2005 championship season.

The NCAA has re-opened their investigation into North Carolina athletics.

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