Frank Shannon Faces One-Year Ban

Oklahoma Sooners linebacker Frank Shannon has been suspended for a year, but due to the legality of the case his suspension has yet to go into effect.  Shannon was found guilty by the University of Oklahoma’s sexual misconduct policy, but will appeal the ruling against the District court.

According to reports obtained by the Oklahoman, a female student at the university felt she had been sexually assaulted at her off-campus house in January.  The student, however, did not want to take charges and therefore the Cleveland County district attorney did not pursue the case.   Still, the school took action and found Shannon guilty on June 18 and suspended him for the entire academic year.  Because Shannon is currently in the process of appealing, he is allowed to practice and will play until the final verdict is rendered. .

A season ago, Shannon was named an All-Big 12 honorable mention while leading the team with 92 tackles.