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Michigan WR Caught Punching Man On Video


A shocking video was released of Michigan wide receiver Csont’e York allegedly punching a man outside of a bar during an altercation on July 18.

York repeatedly hit a man who bumped into him (presumably by accident) while in a bar downtown, resulting in the victim’s jaw being broken in three different places, the placement of a breathing tube and a knocked-out tooth. York has since been suspended from the Michigan football program while he awaits charges for the unwarranted attack.

told police that he “became angry” when the man and his friend bumped into him outside of Scorekeepers Bar and Grille around 2AM. After repeatedly punching the man, York and a friend left him beaten and bruised in a crowd of people and fled the scene. He alleges that he attacked out of fear, claiming that the man was a member of Michigan’s hockey team and was taunting him prior to the incident. He claimed to be sober during the time the incident occurred.

York is to be charged for one count of aggravated assault and two counts of assault and battery on August 22.


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