Nebraska Cornhuskers Show Support For Eight-Year Old

Often times the negative aspects of sports fill the headlines and draw the attention of fans worldwide, still, amongst all the bad, there are glimmers of hope and reminders that sports are also a mechanism for creating good.  Look no further than Jack Hoffman.  The eight-year old football fan stole the show in spring of 2013 when he stormed through the Nebraska Cornhuskers defense for a spring practice touchdown.

Hoffman, a cancer patient, recently flew to Boston for further treatment after recurrence signs of cancer were found.   The Nebraska football program continued to show its support for the young boy by sending a video highlighted by head coach Bo Pelini saying, “You’re going to come out of it on top. There’s no doubt you’re a strong young man. We want you to understand you have our support. We’re behind you, and we’re thinking about you through this whole thing.”

Despite the daunting road ahead of young Jack, Nebraska showed they will be there for him every step of the way.  In a world so frequented with bad, Jack and the Cornhuskers are walking signs of the positive effect sports can have on the world.

*Section Photo credit to Matt Ryerson – Associated Press; Featured Photo (above) credit to Brynn Anderson – Omaha World-Herald


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