Most Wonderful Time of the Year

This isn’t a Christmas article, this isn’t a family article, in fact this article is about to praise everything that’s wrong with the typical college lifestyle. But gosh darnit if you can’t relate, then it’s safe to say you were never a true college football fan. Some fans, usually in their older years with families now, absolutely despise the drunken college kids that fill their beloved stadiums every Saturday morning. Well guess what? I’m far from one of those fans and will never become one. This article came from a random picture I saw of a bro passed out on the ground with the beautiful “where the hell am I” look on his face. If you don’t know this look please stop reading this article now.

Still there? Good, Now I didn’t get to fully enjoy what game day meant until my senior year of college when I wasn’t on the field any more. It’s a beautiful thing waking up to the sound of your housemates puking and rallying off last night’s debauchery and showing true school pride. So what if you just pissed out of your ass and your body needs nutrients? ITS GAME DAY. It starts in your house, with your boys. To the sweetheart that stayed over last night, sorry, you must leave now. It’s time for beer bongs, recovery grilling, shots, and more damn beer. It’s time to do whatever (and I mean WHAT EVER) you need to fully wake back up and get your head in the game. You have to put on that jersey, or favorite school shirt, ridiculous pants / shorts and support the home team, your future alma mater, your pride and joy.

I remember going to NC State’s homecoming game my birthday weekend, my first ever tailgate experience in the south. Completely blew out anything I’ve ever witnessed up north. I’m talking RV’s dedicated to the rage, grills all over, pick-up trucks, coolers, beer flowing like water, and fine southern women everywhere that would talk to you just for saying “GO PACK!” Mind you this is an ACC school as well, and only North Carolina, can only imagine how much realer it gets the closer you venture to the SEC (honorable mention to Texas, ASU, Colorado, and many more).

Not sure where I was going with this at all, but I will say there is something truly special about college football and the magic it sparks on and off the field. Can’t put into words what big wins on Saturday afternoons do for thousands upon thousands of 18-25 year olds on campuses across the great U.S. of A. I just want to say THANK GOD for college football. Without you we would have no NFL and without the NFL this just wouldn’t be America. The season has finally started, so let’s have a good one!




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