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Dan Bilzerian: Infamous Playboy or Social Media Genius?


What have you done today? This week? This year? Chances are, not much compared to notorious playboy, Navy vet, professional gambler, and actor – Dan Bilzerian.

Dan Bilzerian

So who is Dan? With a net worth upwards of $100 million, stories of surviving multiple heart attacks before the age of 30, a featured role on the recent blockbuster “Lone Survivor”, and a lifestyle that would make Bruce Wayne jealous – Dan Bilzerian is the Most Interesting Man on Social Media.

Whether it be high stake bets against Toby McGuire, his honest and upfront hatred of authority that got him kicked out of Navy Seal training just 2 days before graduation, or his collection of dozens of guns, girls, and engines – Gen Y can’t seem to get enough of Dan Bilzerian.

Bilzerian 2

But how did Dan transform from the quiet high school student who shied away from cameras to become the instant celebrity and powerful mogul who employs over 20 assistants, 3 agents, 3 cooks, and boasts over 4.47 million followers on Instagram? His money? His looks?

Well – maybe that helps, but he sure didn’t have to marry a washed-up pop star (Kevin Federline), wait for a book to display his bad-ass-ness (Jordan Belfort), or make a sex tape with a not-so-famous R&B star (Kim Kardashian). Dan Bilzerian made a name for himself. Through the use of his timely, consistent, and transparent use of social media, Dan Bilzerian is now the Most Interesting Man on Social Media.

To stay intact with the social media guru’s life follow on instagram @danbilzerian


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