The Most Electrifying Bar in Athens

If you ask any University of Georgia student what they think the most electrifying bar to go to it would most likely be Whiskey Bent. Whiskey Bent was founded in 2011 and it supports a crowd of up to 400 people. However, when you first enter this high-energy bar it feels as if there are close to 500 people present. There is no other scene that compares to the hype Whiskey Bent brings to patrons on the weekend.

Owner Jason Leonard had to say this about his vision about Whiskey Bent, “I wanted to create a bar that had the image of a barrel house, that is why I included oak wood floors and granite tops in the bathrooms and at the bar.”

Not only is the Whiskey Bent atmosphere electrifying, so is it’s drinks. The signature drink at Whiskey bent is called Applesauce. This special drink consists of Fireball, Sour apple, and Pineapple. If you are feeling good one night, do not hesitate to purchase this drink. Another drink that is unique to buy is The Cinnamon Bun. This is one of my favorite drinks to buy at Whiskey Bent. The Cinnamon Bun includes a unique mix of fireball and root beer, which is a nice refreshing drink to have during a night of fun!

The Whiskey Bent crowd includes Greek Life, but does not exclude others outside of it. The bar tries to stay heavily involved with Greek life, which encompasses socials that they bring to their bars. However, Whiskey Bent welcomes in everyone to be a part of the excitement!

So next time you are out in Athens and wondering to yourself where can I find the most electrifying bar at? Look no further and take yourself to Whiskey Bent and get a Cinnamon Bun on me!


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