One-on-One with FSU’s “Red Lightning”

The man, the myth, the legend that is Red Lightning has taken the sports world by storm as he puts his elite sideline speed on display week in and week out for the Florida State Seminoles.  As the team rattled off win after win, the fame of Red Lightning also grew to the point where he was frequently featured on SportsCenter.  Yesterday, Red Lightning took precious time out of his day to catch up with Campus Sports and explain his rise to stardom:

How do you feel your  red hair has contributed to your on the field excellence?

Red: I feel like my red hair makes me stand out more than others, so people are going to see me first before a lot of other people.

What has been the highlight of your time on the Florida State sideline?

Red: My highlight of being on the sideline is having that front row to all the action- especially in Pasadena at the National Championship.

How do you train in the offseason to stay fit?

Red: In all honesty, I don’t really train in the off season.  I like to enjoy my time off and relax.

What’s the biggest reason for your lightning speed?

Red: The biggest reason for having lightning speed is just my determination and drive to be the best.  I’ve always hustled with whatever I did in my life and this situation is no different.

How has your newfound fame contributed to your ability to pick up girls?

Red: All the girls really want is a picture. I’ve had a girlfriend for going on five years now and she’s the one for me.

What kind of product do you use for your beard?

Red: I don’t use any product; just the ole shampoo and conditioner.

How fast is your 40-yard dash time and do you plan on taking your talents to the NFL next year?

Red: My 40 yard dash time is a 3.69.  I wont be going to the NFL just yet.  I have this year and one more year in school, so well see what happens after that.

*Section Photo credit to The Destin Log; Featured Photo (above) credit to Jeremy Brevard, USA Today Sports

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