Dillon Day Responds to “Stomping” Allegations

Saturday night in Baton Rouge, Mississippi State made the statement they have tried to make ever since Dan Mullen took the job Starkville six years ago. The Bulldogs pulled off a big upset on the road, walked out of Death Valley with a 34-29 win over the LSU Tigers. Sadly, all the media spotlight MSU has been getting is not all positive.

LSU’s coach Les Miles and coaching staff have already submitted a complaint to the SEC over two questionable incidents involving Mississippi State’s senior center and Louisiana native Dillon Day. The accusations state two separate incidents where Day “stomped” a LSU defender.

Day tweeted out an apology letter and explanation for these two plays to Bulldog nation this afternoon. Day claims he met with coach Mullen and discussed what occurred in Death Valley on Saturday night.

The first play involved Day “jumping” on the stomach of Tiger defensive lineman Davon Godchaux.

After watching this clip, I will have to defend the big guy, but not by much. The three hundred pounder had quite a bit of force behind him as he was trying to throw another block down field. Being a big guy myself, I know how difficult it is to stop yourself once you are rolling. Day uses this in his defense in a letter he tweeted out this morning. The thing that hurts Day’s case is the force of his leg coming down on Godchaux. It made me cringe watching it.

The second incident Day was involved in was a tangle with LSU cornerback Rashad Robinson.

Watching this one I feel a little more confident in defending the offensive lineman. When watching the second play you can tell that he was honestly trying to land in the grass between the cornerback’s legs. That “stomp” was simply something that happens in contact sports. I saw that play as completely unintentional, but only one person knows where Day knows where he was really aiming his foot.

Currently, no suspension has been given to the center, but I don’t see these incidents going unnoticed. After serving one half-game suspension last season for a similar incident against Auburn, Day doesn’t have a strong track record. It’s unlikely the SEC office gives him much slack because he is a repeat offender.

With that being said, if Day is suspended it could be detrimental to MSU’s chances in their SEC home opener against Texas A&M in two weeks.

Dillon Day’s apology letter to Bulldog Nation

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