Katy Perry makes Ole Miss Go Crazy

Katy Perry is crazy. Ole Miss is crazy. Put them together and super crazy things happen. Saturday Ole Miss upset an Alabama team that has taken them out to the woodshed year after year. College Gameday was at the grove for the first time ever; which resulted in Katy Perry wearing a pink jersey, throwing corn dogs at the crowd and talking about how hot 18 year old quarterbacks are. Here are a collection of pictures and videos that have now gone viral from a crazy Saturday in Oxford.

COUPLE MAKES OUT ON OLE MISS FIELD AFTER SHOCKING WIN OVER ALABAMA. This literally is a week after a South Carolina couple was videotaped having sex in between a fence and a car at a tailgate lot. Making out on the field after an upset win is a lot cooler than having sex on rocks next to a fence.

OLE MISS STUDENT CUT GOAL POSTS INTO 30 PIECES. Basically, these Ole Miss students treated this goal post like it was piece of steak cutting it into 30 pieces for each of them to save for the rest of their life.



*Section photo credit to Joe Murphy/Getty Images; Featured photo credit to Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

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