Sky Bar: The Biggest Bar in the Southeast

This past weekend, I went to Auburn for the LSU game. The game was awesome and I enjoyed Auburn beating LSU since I’m not a fan of the “Tigers.” After the exciting win, my Auburn friends and I went to Sky Bar, known as “the hot spot” in Auburn, Alabama. If you’re looking for local celebrities (athletes and the hottest girls on campus), then this is the place to be. Sky Bar has three floors and several different bars within its establishment. It is the biggest bar in the Southeast and it definitely lives up to the hype.

The best thing I like about Sky Bar is the huge dance floor that is consistently packed on weekend nights. On the weekend, it is a fact that there will be a sick DJ or awesome band performing. No matter who you are they’re are always attractive men and women who will give you attention on that big dance floor. If you’re looking to get away from the dance floor and maybe seal the deal with a gorgeous girl you met the top balcony bar adds an unique aspect, thanks to the incredible view. You can see Toomer’s Corner and its rolled trees if the Tigers won that day. Out of all the bars in the southeast this is easily in the top five based on attractive people, music, scenery and vibes.

Auburn has a fantastic football team, but its nightlife would be nothing without the famous Sky Bar!

*Section Photo credit to Fly By Radio 2014; Featured Photo (above) credit to  Issy Stence,; Article Photo (2) Credit to Fly By Radio 2014