Free Gurley: O Captain, Our Captain

Just as the early season hype surrounding Todd Gurley’s Heisman campaign was gaining traction, a wave of panic struck Athens as allegations of our superstar breaking NCAA rules were released to the public. With game day just two days away against a home field No. 24 Missouri, the Bulldawg Nation learned #3 was suspended indefinitely from the UGA team. Later, we learned this was due to an alleged exchange of money for autographs to a sports memorabilia dealer.

Gurley’s accuser, Bryan Allen, released statements to media sources attempting to leak the story and bring down our superstar. Coming as no surprise to anyone, Allen is a self-proclaimed Florida Gator fan – raising further suspicion for his true motives. But let’s be honest – the guy who begs and preys on college athletes for autographs in exchange for breaking the rules and jeopardizing their future, probably was in it for the money. Allen hoped to leak the story and make a quick buck, then go about with his merry life.

Well Bryan, that’s not how we do things in Georgia. Immediately, Bulldawg Nation took action. Sportscasters, students, alumni, and even Johnny Manziel – the poster child of notorious action himself – all showed support for Gurley, one of the most exciting and talented players in all of college football.
From ESPN polls, local publication articles, personal blogs, and even a petition to the White House – the social impact of the Heisman favorite’s accusations were clearly widespread. Within two days, #FreeGurley was trending on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram further proving the support and passion our fans have to reinstate our captain, our player, and our Heisman.
*Section Photo credit to L.G. Patterson/AP Photo; Featured Photo (above) credit to Ashley Roten/Online Athens
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