In honor of the 20th anniversary of "the pick", Oregon will be sporting some fresh digs on the field this upcoming weekend.

Oregon Unveils New Throwback Uniforms

Any true Oregon football fan remembers “the pick.”

20 years ago, the Oregon Ducks had an average program in the Pacific Conference and had not won a conference championship since 1957. The Ducks were on pace to miss out on another, as they matched up against then No. 9 Washington. However, late in the game, the Ducks led 24-20, and with the Huskies driving into the red zone late in the fourth quarter, things weren’t looking so good.

Then the tide turned.

That’s when Oregon’s Kenny Wheaton intercepted a pass inside the five yard line and took it back 97 yards to the house.

The interception seized the 31-20 victory over No. 9 Washington and catapulted Oregon into conference champions. Since then, the Ducks have won six, and many attribute those victories to that game, and in particular, Wheaton’s play.

Recently, Nike has helped Oregon football dominate the uniform game of college sports. Seemingly every week, they have a new fantastic, bright and unique uniform ready to go. They’ve brought in chrome, neon and everything in between. However, this weekend, with the Washington Huskies coming to town, Oregon will be wearing a modern take on the jerseys worn in that famous game.

*Section Photo and Featured Photo (above) credit to Nike.