Pac 12 Dominated By Road Teams

It’s been a crazy season of college football, and the Pac-12 is certainly no exception to that rule.

One of the more ridiculous parts of the Pac-12 season? Road teams are 14-4 in conference games.

14-4. On the road. In the second-best conference in the country.

It all started in Week 2 when USC went up to Stanford and came away with a hard-fought 13-10 win. That game seems like eons ago for Trojan fans who have since seen that team lose to Boston College, and fall victim to the road-win theme on a Hail Mary from Arizona State.

Everyone knew that the Pac-12 was going to eat itself alive this year. The conference entered the year with three legitimate College Football Playoff contenders (Oregon, UCLA, Stanford) and a bunch of teams that were just a small step behind that group. But eat itself alive because a whole bunch of road teams went into hostile environments and came away with Ws? It’s getting out of hand.

The only teams that have won home games in 2014 have been Arizona on the Hail Mary against Cal, Cal beating Colorado in a 59-56 shootout in double overtime, and then convincing wins by USC over Oregon State and Stanford over Washington State.

That’s it. That’s the list. Two shootouts, and two dominating wins by home teams. Every other home team has lost this year.

The UCLA Bruins, the team that most people picked to win the Pac-12 South, have lost two games at home already. One to Oregon, which is understandable, and one to Utah, which is probably the most shocking win in the Pac this year, even more shocking than Arizona over Oregon. Those UCLA losses have come in back-to-back weeks after the Bruins went into Tempe and throttled ASU, 62-27, as the Sun Devils played without Taylor Kelly under center.

Luckily for them, UCLA goes on the road to Berkeley this week. And they’ll win, because road game.

The only team that hasn’t lost a home game in-conference yet? Oregon State! Why? They haven’t played one yet. They host Utah Thursday night, and the Utes will most definitely win that game.

There’s all kinds of different reasons that these home losses have happened. Bad timing with injuries, fluke plays, defenses playing out of their minds. It’s all there. And it’s all made the Pac-12 look like a disaster zone when pulling up the standings.

The home teams in the Pac-12 this week are: Oregon State, USC, Cal, Oregon, and ASU. The only truly shocking home loss this week would be USC because they are playing Colorado, and the Buffs have looked awful for the most part this season. But Oregon hosts Washington, ASU gets Stanford, Cal has UCLA, and Oregon State has Utah. Would it be a complete surprise to see the road teams win those games? Not at all. Not after what’s happened so far.

So remember, if you want to see your team win and you’re a Pac-12 fan, travel to road games. It’s way more likely you’ll be happy afterwards than if you stay home.

*Section Photo credit to Kelly Presnell, Arizona Daily Sta; Featured Photo (above) credit to Robert Gauthier, Los Angeles Times