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WCW: Kelsey Kessler


Today’s Campus Sports’ Women Crush Wednesday will cover Kelsey Kessler. She transferred from Kansas to Arizona State where she is a pitcher on the softball team. During her career at Kansas, she has posted a 32-21 record and a 2.33 ERA. In addition, she has struck out over 300 batters and has led her team to two consecutive appearances in the NCAA tournament. Not only does Kelsey bring the heat on the mound, but off the mound as well.

She is easily one of the most athletic and gorgeous softball players competing in the NCAA. When I found her profile on Instagram, I thought to myself, no wonder she has so many strikeouts. The batters always get caught looking. Lame joke I know, but she is that attractive. Kelsey has over 1.6 k followers on Instagram and her over 1k Twitter followers. By the end of this write-up if you haven’t followed her I will judge you. (Kidding, but seriously you don’t wanna miss out on this girl!!)

As fall ball comes to an end, make sure you follow Kelsey (@kelzur) on both Instagram and Twitter to stay up to date with her offseason happenings.




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