Week 8 in Pics and Vids

Craziness ensued this weekend at several college campuses; I’ve got the pics and videos to prove it.

LSU fraternity bros and some chicks were tailgating with a man who loves to party, so there’s that. Gotta give it to him though, he can really boogiehttps://vine.co/v/Ob1xvEiqdnv

West Virginia upset No. 5 Baylor in a shootout in Morgantown and the end result was absolute bedlam.

At least West Virginia wasn’t dumb enough to burn down their own city like Vancouver did a few years back.


If you like fire you’ll love looking at the pictures: http://www.lostlettermen.com/article/west-virginia-football-morgantown-riots-after-win-over-baylor-photos

Florida fans want Will Muschamp fired. Badly.

Finally let’s touch on Texas, the other big program going through a difficult season. Texas was at Iowa State and won in overtime. Iowa State isn’t very good and Offensive Coordinator Shawn Watson was not happy about going to overtime against a below average foe. 



Mandatory Credit to Creative Commons 

Campus Sports Lifestyle Tour Episode 2: New York City
Campus Sports Lifestyle Tour Episode 2: New York City