FSU Star RB Karlos Williams Alleged for Domestic Abuse

Looks like it’s out of the frying pan and into the fire for the No. 2 Florida State Seminoles. The Tallahassee Police Department began immediate investigation of domestic abuse allegations against Karlos Williams, senior running back for FSU, when they received the case Saturday night.

TPD spokesman Scott Beck stated that “as long as it’s an active, ongoing case, Florida law prohibits us from talking about it,” in regards to media questions involving the allegations.

However, Florida law did not prohibit Williams’ girlfriend Miranda Wilhelm, who is pregnant with the couple’s second child, from raising her voice on social media Friday night. She posted photos and messages alluding to the fact that she was a victim of domestic violence.

“Domestic violence is NEVER okay. And I have learned why women keep secrets and are scared to come forward, I’m ashamed to say I did the same thing,” Wilhelm posted on Facebook Friday night. “But I am ready to speak up for women in situations like myself. I pray one day everyone see your true colors and you for what you really are. This was done to me 2 nights ago by a man I have lived with for two years and bared two children by…”

While the woman never specifically named Williams as the one who caused the injuries to her arms, it is fairly easy to connect the dots.

The athletics department at FSU was made aware of the situation and immediately stated that they were “working on it,” initially denying any comment, opting to release a full statement regarding the issue.

“The Athletics Department is aware of an investigation by the Tallahassee Police Department involving football student-athlete Karlos Williams. Until we receive more information regarding the alleged incident his status with the team will be under review,” the statement read.

Williams was dressed in full pads and out on the field for practice this afternoon.

Jimbo Fisher is expected to address the media Monday after practice, but when approached about the issues commented that “it’s funny how, that guy, who’s a tremendous kid, I don’t even know where that would come from. It kind of caught me off guard, like ‘Whoa.’… Karlos has been wonderful.”

It has also been reported that Tim Jansen, who not so long ago was legal representation for Jameis Winston after reports of sexual assault were issued against him, will likewise represent Williams.

Williams is undoubtedly the star running back for FSU with 378 yards and seven touchdowns on the season. In the lively match between FSU and Notre Dame on October 18, Williams scored two touchdowns, including a go-ahead goal line score in the fourth quarter of the game to win 31-27.

As details about this case unfold, it will be interesting to note how the Athletic Department, Jimbo Fisher and Florida State as a whole react to the situation. It seems the Seminoles are starting to garner an unwanted reputation down in Tallahassee. Given the severity of the allegations, this will no doubt be an issue that remains in the public light until resolved.

*Section Photo credit to Sam Greenwood, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Kim Klement, USA Today Sports

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