“No Blame Assigned” Emmitt Holt For Car Accident With Teammate

The college basketball world has been in a state of shock over the last few days. This, coming after Indiana Hoosiers players Emmitt Holt and Devin Davis were involved in a car accident, one that resulted in Davis going to the hospital and being treated in the ICU originally, before becoming stable and regaining feeling and motion in all his extremities.

Original reports cited Holt being intoxicated for the accident. New reports, however, are clearing him from blame. According to a police report obtained by The Indy Star, Emmitt Holt holds zero blame for the accident and says that it was “pedestrian action” instead.

It is worth noting that Holt was cited for illegal consumption of alcohol by a minor and operating a vehicle with a BAC above 0.02. The legal blood alcohol limit for people Indiana is .08, although, Holt is only 18-years-old and is obviously not legally old enough to drink at all. Still, the police report does not blame his underage drinking for anything that happened to Davis.

Apparently, the “pedestrian action” was Davis fooling around, not paying attention and running onto the road for whatever reason. One of the female passengers, identified as Hallie Johanningsmeier, has already come out in support of Holt and claimed it was just an accident.

While underage drinking is frowned upon, this is college. The accident was horrible. However, with the police themselves now issuing reports claiming it to be just an accident as well, it is now just time to hope and pray for Devin Davis to have a quick and speedy recovery. No need to ruin Emmitt Holt’s life.

Though, it will be interesting to see what type of action, if any, the Hoosiers take against Holt. Whether it be a possible suspension, put in a treatment program or some other form of punishment.

*Photo credits to Michael Hickey, Getty Images

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