Week 11 Preview: (1) Mississippi State vs. UT-Martin

The MSU bulldogs are 8-0 after a close call with Arkansas. MSU’s eight wins are tied for the best start of the season since 1999. That year also is the best season the Bulldogs ever had, posting an overall 10-2 record.

That record will soon be broken this weekend when the Skyhawks of University of Tennessee-Martin roll into Starkville.

The Skyhawks (5-5) are rolling in hot on a four game winning streak and looking to make an upset on the nation’s top team. They have not have had a problem this year putting points on the board, scoring over 35 points in six different times this season.

Defensively, Martin has held opponents to under 21 points in seven different contests. They are a true threat in the Ohio Valley Conference.

This game is really important to MSU as a whole. Not only will a victory in this game make a historical mark, this is also homecoming week for State.

With that being said, the Dogs have a big plate in front of them on Saturday.

Offensively, Dak has got to get out of this funk he’s been stuck in. He has looked extremely timid on the field the past two weeks. For the first time this season, I saw Prescott slide on a first down run. He really has not looked comfortable in the backfield and you can tell by his throwing motion. He looks tight and appears trying to be too technical. It wouldn’t be a surprise if this were intentional to keep Dak from getting injured. Prescott has dropped to second in the Heisman race and some big numbers Saturday could bounce him back to the leader.

Josh Robinson just needs to keep being Josh Robinson. He hasn’t lost a stride all season. He has earned the title as SEC rushing leader so far this season. I expect some big time runs Saturday.

De’ Runnya Wilson has got to find the pair of gloves he wore the first six games of the season. He was pulling down almost every ball that came in his general area. The best two games he has missed some really easy balls. A couple hit him square in the chest.

Defensively, MSU has to stop getting smoked in the passing game. When does the secondary that played against Auburn come back from vacation? They need to get back here before they take that short drive down to Tuscaloosa the following Saturday.

Overall, State needs to keep everyone healthy. We can’t afford to lose a key player with so much on the line for the rest of the season.

With Alabama the following week and, ole miss just around the corner the bulldogs have to play the best football they have played in MSU history.

*Section Photo credit to Spruce Derden, USA Today Sports ; Featured Photo (above) credit to FoxSports

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