Pre-Game Tailgating: The Grove at Ole Miss is Amazing

Before Ole Miss knocked off Mississippi State in the Egg Bowl and possibly ruined their chances at making the first-ever College Football Playoff, fans from all over got to experience one of the Rebels’ greatest traditions: pregame festivities at The Grove.

This famous tailgate area is located at the center of the Ole Miss campus, surrounded by ancient oak trees and mysterious elms were Rebels fans prepare to watch their team play.

Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten the chance to experience the great tradition of tailgating at The Grove, but a few of my friends have provided a first-hand experience. From what they said, it was the best tailgating they’ve ever had the opportunity to partake in. They told me everyone was incredibly nice, along with beautiful girls in fashionable sundresses everywhere, handsome men wearing their Sunday best and more beer and food than anyone could ever need.

As if that’s not enough, they said the atmosphere was electrifying, and the scenery was magnificent — as if it were something straight out of a movie. Tickets were going for as much as $500 per person, but hearing my friends recount their experiences at The Grove make spending that kind of money on an Egg Bowl ticket worth every penny.

Don’t just take the word of my friends, though. Sports Illustrated also gave rave reviews about The Grove, ranking it as the best tailgating spot in the entire country, and not mincing their words:

“There is no more beautiful spot to tailgate, nor one richer in tradition; The Grove has been the site of pregame picnicking for more than half a century.”

Over the years, The Grove has been a premiere spot to tailgate — regardless of how well Ole Miss performs on the football field.

If you were in Oxford for this year’s Egg Bowl, you got the chance to see Ole Miss bring home a 31-17 victory, which led to plenty of happy people in The Grove following the conclusion of the game. College fans looking for the best experience possible should do everything possible to attend an Ole Miss home game in the near future. It’s a magical and electrifying experience, whether you’re rooting for the Rebels or their opponent.

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*Section Photo credit to Scott Halleran, Getty Images Featured Photo (above) credit to Ole Miss Athletics

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