Exclusive: Interview with Chantel Jeffries

Last week, Campus Sports sat down with the beautiful Chantel Jeffries. You may have seen her hanging with the likes of Justin Bieber, DeSean Jackson or Johnny ‘Football’ Manziel. But you may not know that the North Carolina native is a model for Wilhelmina, a full-time student at Florida International University, an avid ACC basketall fan, and a small business owner. Our very own Ariel Richardson gets to know Miss Jeffries a little better – she discusses her favorite sports teams, her celebrity athlete crush, and her views on Anthony Davis’ eyebrow[s].


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Ariel: So, do you have any favorite college football or basketball teams?

CJ: When it comes to football, I’d say, at NC State…um…Boston College, too. My cousin used to go (and play) there so I used to tune in. I would say I like the basketball program at UNC.

Ariel: So whats your take on female athletes? Do you think they’re kind of changing the perspective of college sports in general?

CJ: I think they’re getting a lot more attention now than in the past. I think that if you’re an athlete and a girl it’s great because you’re in shape and besides playing, it’s your job to just work out and look good pretty much.

Ariel: So, this is a big question, are you dating anybody? And if not, if you could go on a date with any athlete, who would it be?

CJ: I’m not dating anyone, but um…I don’t know, that’s a tough one because you don’t really know people or how they are just by watching them on TV or seeing them play. I like people for their personality, so it would be hard to say. But someone that’s cute to me…maybe like Blake Griffin (laughs).

Ariel: So, what are the major qualities that you do look for in a guy?

CJ: I like someone who’s smart, intellectual and who can give me a good conversation, because that’s really important to me. Someone who’s interested in the same things that I am, being fit and active.


*Section Photo credit to Michael Rosenberg, Consume Media; Featured Photo (above) credit to Michael Rosenberg, Consume Media

Exclusive: Interview with Chantel Jeffries
Exclusive: Interview with Chantel Jeffries
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