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Why College Students Should Always Embrace Winter Break


All college kids have been there — wanting nothing more than to go home for winter break when the exhaustion of finals week is in full force. I remember it well.

You’re so eager to experience a meaningless break that consists of: texting those college friends you couldn’t wait to get away from, watching even more bad reality TV than you did with your roommate, spending zero time with family — just like when you’re away from home and working as much at home as you do while at school.

Truthfully, this eagerness exists because you have yet to realize winter break is supposed to be meaningful. You haven’t figured out yet that time spent at home should be time well-spent. You’ve simply not come to these realizations yet at this point in your life.

I’ll forgive you for this. Why? Because I’ve been there before.

However, I’ve also seen what the other side — being a grownup — is like. What I would give to be nothing more than a kid, teenager or young adult again. Basically, anything except being an adult.

You will soon yearn for the opportunity to go home. To experience the meaningful moments filled with family and close friends. Those moments you were supposed to experience while you were younger.

Avoid ending up “here” by making this winter break as meaningful as possible.

Spend time with friends from home. Bake cookies with your mom. Run with your dad. Play hockey—yes, in the house—with your little brother. Eat at that local restaurant where you once worked. Take a drive down those old, country back roads that you know so well.

And most importantly—take the time to embrace winter break. Unfortunately, you’ll have to grow up at some point real soon, and you won’t always be given one.


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