College Basketball Good, Bad, Ugly: Week Seven


We have finally made it!

No more mediocre College Basketball matchups, oversold holiday tournaments or unfilled arenas.

Yes, things are about to get very interesting as we begin conference action and the mad dash to March. But let’s not rush ourselves completely. There is still quite a bit to brag and poke fun at for week seven of The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from college hoops.


The Good

I have tried not to make this series a Kentucky lovefest to start the season. Normally the only thing to get overly excited about at any time with BBN is how amazingly gorgeous Ashley Judd is. But this team might just be hotter than her.

Facing their first road test of the season, sort of, the top-ranked Wildcats manhandled the fourth-ranked Louisville Cardinals 58-50. It was men versus boys as Kentucky held the home-team Cardinals to 25% shooting for the game.

That’s two weeks in a row a roster of freshmen and sophomores played gritty and inspired basketball on both ends of the court.

Now only one question remains when it comes to Kentucky…

Are these guys really freshmen? Or is BBN using the Taiwanian birth certificate rules?

That’s a lot of beard growth, muscle mass and ink for a bunch of under 20 year olds…


The Bad

Evidently some schools need to be more agressive with trying to convince their players to take an acting class as an elective because the flops this weekend were just brutal.

Taking home the prize though was Louisville’s Chris Jones, whose horrendous flop attempts from the Kentucky game can be found here and here.

Georgia’s Charles Mann also had an atrocious flop this week but video footage wasn’t found.

I knew that flops would become a weapon with the enforcement of the flagrant foul rules at some point. But if you are going to dupe the ref please make it believable.


The Ugly

For some reason we just can’t get away from Pitino’s Cardinals this week. For that game to be such a fun watch it had some epic fails.

Case in point this sports humorist would like to give you the number one…

Not one as in the polls. Not one as in ratings. But rather in assists…

Louisville, the fourth-ranked team in the nation who has a player of the year candidate, finished the game with ONE ASSIST…





On Tap

Clear your agenda this week and watch as much Big East hoops as you can. Despite losing some powerhouse programs, it might very well be the deepest conference from top to bottom. Plus it’s still some really well coached basketball.

*Section Photo credit to Reuters; Featured Photo (above) credit to Jamie Rhodes, USA Today Sports

Preview: Penn State @ (6) Wisconsin