Antonio Blakeney Chooses LSU

Former University of Louisville commit Antonio Blakeney announced Friday that he will attend college at LSU. Blakeney, currently rated 14th in the ESPN 100 and the number two shooting guard in the class of 2015, joins Ben Simmons in LSU’s newest recruiting class. Simmons is currently rated first overall in the class of 2015, making this LSU’s best recruiting class yet.

Currently, the Tigers’ scoring is very top heavy, with two 15 point scorers thus far in the young season. Sitting at 10-2, being top heavy may not seem too bad; however, it’s unlikely they will be able to maintain such a record after trudging through the conference schedule in the SEC that awaits them. With the addition of Simmons and Blakeney, the Tigers will be able to diversify their scoring, taking the load off Jarel Martin and Jordan Mickey. With both Martin and Mickey currently maintaining a sophomore status, adding two top twenty recruits could allow LSU to make some major noise in the SEC.

Blakeney made a name for himself by being a sharpshooting, high-flying, and entertaining guard in high school. Averaging 32.7 points per game thus far in his senior season, Blakeney has had no trouble scoring the rock. Standing at 6’4″, his size will allow him to contend with the bigger guards he will be facing at the college level.

Simmons and Blakeney have played AAU basketball together, and they have made it clear that they make a formidable duo. If Martin and Mickey are willing to stick around for their junior seasons, LSU will be able to contend with any team not only in the SEC, but in the entire country.

*Section Photo credit to Sandra Mu, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to Gregory Payan, Associated Press.


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