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Good, Bad and Ugly: CBB Week Eight


Well, we have finally reached that point in the season where the entire sporting world will actually start to tune in and see what his or her team has to offer in this College Basketball season.

Yes, two months in brings the end of college football and the start of all of the conference action. It’s like folks don’t think the first 15 games of the season count. A win is a win and a loss is a loss. Whether it’s against the Kentucky Wildcats or the Cazenovia College Wildcats. But the perception is that now and only now do the games actually matter.

So, for what that’s worth, let’s wrap up all that was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly from Week Eight of college hoops.


The Good

You know that freshman Jahlil Okafor.

Yeah the kid that plays center for the Duke Blue Devils!

He is INSANELY talented!

You don’t understand how amazing a statement that is coming from this guy. Not because he is a Dookie, but simply freshmen over the past 20 years are simply not this polished and talented.

This kid doesn’t get rattled. He isn’t bigger than his own royal blue britches. He hits his free-throws. He understands being part of a team.

With all of the talented coaches, players and teams in the Atlantic Coast Conference, the next eight weeks are going to be must-see TV when it comes to Okafor.

He is hands down the best freshman and the best player in the nation right now.


The Bad

Words just cannot simply the describe the loss of ESPN’s Stuart Scott.

Yes, he was more than just a college basketball anchor for the mother ship, but his connection with his North Carolina Tar Heels makes this just the worst…

Scott changed how everyone of us approached the recap. He gave us the ultimate new thesaurus from which to pick and chose tag lines. He showed us how to use our imagination and creativity to connect with the people.

Cancer sucks. It has claimed my mother and one of my dear friends. There is not a single one of us who has not been affected by this plague. Scott gave us great insight and hope. Despite losing him and others, their zest for life will and can never be defeated.

In honor of Scott, UNC will wear an emblem with STU for the remainder of the season.

A small tribute to a man who changed the landscape of sports broadcasting and loved his Tar Heels like no one else.


The Ugly

It has been a very interesting open to the season for Billy Donovan and his Florida Gators to say the least. Most folks thought they would be a little more of a factor than what they have been. That sentiment holds true for this guys as well.

But last week pretty much summed up the pre-conference stretch for the Gators as they battled instate rival the Florida State Seminoles (who have been ugly in their own right).

With the game tied at 63-63, FSU’s Devon Bookert fired a three from the right corner with three seconds left. As the ball began it’s decent… well this happened…

You have to feel for Jacob Kurtz. Kid was just trying to make a play. But… ugh.

“I’ve been in a lot of games, and I’ve never seen anything like that in my life,” Donovan said. “My heart goes out to him because he really tried to make the right play.”

Sometimes even the best intentions turn out just as ugly as an unmade bed in a bad hotel.


On Tap

The Kansas Jayhawks taking on the Baylor Bears on Wednesday is just an appetizer to the sick menu of games this coming Saturday. Take your pick from noon till midnight including the 13-0 Virginia Cavaliers (3) on the road against the 15-1 Notre Dame Fighting Irish (14), the Louisville Cardinals (5) heading into the Dean Dome to face UNC (18) and the Iowa State Cyclones (17) traveling to face the West Virginia Mountaineers (14).

*Section Photo credit to Scott Iskowitz, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to John Shearer/Invision/AP


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