College Athletics: 10 Annoying Things About Student-Athletes

Pointing out an athlete on campus is fairly easy. Whether it’s the intense Nike gear they’re wearing, one-of-a-kind backpacks from a bowl game, or even easy access to the local bar on weekends, they can be spotted without a problem. There’s no denying that athletes at any university get some sort of special treatment.Here are 10 things some students hate about student-athletes.


1. Free Academic Help

We all attend school for the same reason: to earn a degree. Achieving this might be easier if you’re a star athlete, though. They have academic centers with tutors who will do anything to help them pass their classes.

2. Free textbooks

Athletes will never understand the agony of paying $300 for books and only getting $45 back at the end of the semester.

3. Copious amounts of free gear

It’s more of an envy thing. Nike is the biggest contributor to college athletics, and athletes getting a ridiculous amount of custom university gear just screams “I’m better than regular students.”

4. Prime seating at football games

While regular students must buy season tickets or all-sports passes, athletes can attend ANY home event for free. That’s just not fair.

5. Special treatment from some professors

There is a reason some student-athletes stay academically eligible when you’re wondering how it happened. Handing out passing grades “for the good of the program” is a definitely a thing among some professors, whether they’ll admit to it or not.

6. Free food

Honestly, everyone should be mad that the NCAA approved the rule that universities can feed athletes whenever they want. Free food is a big reason why athletes are hated. Why? Because, quite frankly, food is life!

7. Arrogant demeanor from star athletes

Whether we attend a college with a huge athletics program or not, there is always that arrogant “star” athlete. This kind of attitude is one of the biggest — if not the biggest — reasons why athletes are hated.

8. Getting an education for free via athletic scholarships

Do I really have to argue this one or should I show you my student debt?

9. Bar/club access for athletes

Nothing makes me more mad than watching an athlete cut everyone in line at a bar. Especially when they see half of the student body waiting outside. At that moment, nobody thinks someone starting every game that season justifies them getting into the bar or club sooner than anyone else.

10. Attention

I mean who doesn’t like attention, right? There are a lot of ways to get that from your classmates, but when the reason is because you play a sport….well that can just be a little annoying.

What do athletes do at your school that makes you mad? Let us know what you think!


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