CBB Good, Bad, Ugly Week 10

Well, Week 10 of the College Basketball season has brought us all kinds of goodies to say the least.

Yes, the Kentucky Wildcats are still undefeated and the Duke Blue Devils seemed to have figured out their bout with tired legs. But other than those two mainstays, everything else is falling into place to be one of the most exciting conference action in decades. This guy still believes most regular season champs are going to have more than three losses because the parody is dramatically intriguing this season.

For example, the Georgetown Hoyas seemed to have put all of their pieces together, the Maryland Terrapins are making the Big 10 regret their invite and the Gonzaga Bulldogs are quietly doing what they do better than just about everyone else in the nation.

But the past seven days had a lot more to offer. And with that here is The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of College Basketball from Week 10.


The Good

Alright, it’s tough for this self-proclaimed know it all and sports humorist to admit this, but ole Woody Smalls has missed the boat on something huge. At least until now.

All you need to know is three words…




This is just one of the things that makes college basketball so great. Is there statistical evidence that this type of tomfoolery works. No. But is it awesome and amazing? With out a doubt and 1000% YES!

What makes this even better is that the Arizona State Sun Devils are 9-9, 1-4 in Pac-12. Who says there is no emotion and team spirit when your school is mediocre?

Major props to the 942 Crew.

You are what is at the root of everything good in the college game.


The Bad

If things were not already sour enough in Ann Arbor, they got a lot worse this week as the Michigan Wolverines lost Caris Levert to a foot injury for the rest of the season.

No, one player doesn’t make a team, but Levert was as close to that one guy for Michigan. The kid was leading the Wolverines in minutes, points, rebounds, assists, shooting, twitter followers, dates with co-eds and high-fives from classmates in World History 304.

Big prayers out to Levert for a complete and fast recovery. No doubt he will.

This will define the rest of Michigan’s season for sure. Will the team rally, step up and begin to play to their potential? Or will it fold under the pressure of individuals looking to fight their way to be the man to take Levert’s place?


The Ugly

Hey folks you guys remember the Connecticut Huskies?

Yeah, the team that won the National Title a few years ago and has all of that amazing history in the Big East and college basketball.

Has anyone seen them lately?

In fact, this guy will send you a prize if you can even name what conference UConn is playing in and what their record is!

(waiting patiently…)

If you guessed the American Conference give yourself a huge smack on the rear. If you guessed the Huskies are 9-7 and just 2-2 in conference action, then you’re probably the manager or sports information director.

Seriously, what has happened to one of the best programs in the college game? How can the Rutgers Scarlet Knights get an invite and be playing in the Big 10 and UConn be playing and losing to the likes of Tulsa Golden Hurricanes and the Temple Owls in the AAC?

Listen loud and clear Huskies Nation, if you are going to be stuck in the AAC, start rolling your opponents by 20 every night.

It’s just ugly UConn is 9-7 and stuck in a mid-major conference.


On Tap

Besides the Curtain of Distraction, all eyes will be on Mike Krzyzewski as he will go for his 1,000th win on Saturday in Madison Square Garden against the St. John’s Red Storm. Looks like the basketball gods wanted a perfectly big stage for this drama to go down.

Oh, and don’t forget to tune in the greatest rivalry no one talks about as the St. Mary’s Gaels takes on Gonzaga on Thursday. Always a fun game and one you all should add to you calendar.


*Section Photo credit to and Featured Photo (above) credit to Joe Camporeale, USA Today Sports.