Student-athletes have to juggle a lot of responsibilities to play college sports. Here are some of the best and worst majors some choose to study.

College Sports: Best and Worst Majors for Student-Athletes

There is a reason people call it “student-athlete.” An athlete learns how to become the best on the field during their four years of college, while juggling responsibilities to obtain a degree. Some majors make life easier for student-athletes because they’re not as involved as others with regard to classes. Meanwhile, others continually interfere with the sport they play, making schedule conflicts a regular occurrence.

A lot of schools have unique lists of majors, but what are some of the best and worst ones for student-athletes to choose from? Here are a few:

Best Majors

1. Education

2. Marketing

3. Management

4. Public Relations

5. Sociology

These majors are popular among athletes because of the workload. Many study some kind of business-based field because they’re easier to accommodate with busy athletic schedules. Also, none of the above majors have labs associated with them, which is one of the biggest issues when it comes to fitting classes in with practices and games.


Worst Majors

1. Engineering

2. Architecture

3. Biochemistry

4. Pre-Med

5. Sports Media

These majors are so difficult because of the intense workload they carry. Unlike the first group, these programs normally require labs, making it difficult for athletes to cram into their busy schedules. An interesting one here is Sports Media; this is usually a major that athletes are very interested in because of their love for sports.

Unfortunately, it can be very hard to handle the workload for this program while in season. On more than a few occasions, this conflict will cause athletes to switch their major to something else.

Some people are quick to criticize athletes for taking the “easy” route when declaring a major because there is less work, not as much of a time restraint and easier material associated with it. However, choosing between school and being an athlete is tough, especially when deciding between what you want to do as an adult versus making your college athletic career easier to deal with.

Being an athlete myself, I always believed that education came first. My long-term plan never included becoming a professional athlete, so I had to make sure the major I eventually chose was the right one for my future. Some athletes also think that way, but others don’t.

At the end of the day, it’s the athlete’s decision on what major they can handle with a college athletic career and where they want to take their future.

Which majors do you think are the easiest or hardest to juggle with the schedule of a student-athlete?

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