CBB Good, Bad, Ugly Week Week 12

Is it just this guy or has February come a little too fast this College Basketball season?

Can we really only have a month left to go?

Despite the date on the calendar, college hoops have already delivered on a lot of fun, great and disastrous moments. But now each win and each loss is magnified by like 1000.

Which means the next 28 days are going to be epic!

So without further adieu, let’s jump into all that was The Good, The Bad and The Ugly for College Basketball for Week 12.


The Good

There was a lot of debate on this over the past few days. Not nationally, but just the many voices in my head. Because the events that occurred during the Louisville Cardinals’ comeback, overtime win over the North Carolina Tar Heels could have filled all three categories.

Was it epic? Was it a statement? Was it nauseating?

And after much analysis, this guy has determined it was horrendously amazingly good.

And it wasn’t the play of both teams.

But rather the fashion statements made by Roy Williams and Rick Pitino.

It was like the hot tub time machine took us all back to 1976 on Saturday!

Yes, Williams breaks out that patchwork blue blazer at least once or twice each season. But Pitino bringing out the dress white after labor day was exhilarating. No one wears that white stallion of a suit better than Pitino except maybe Boss Hog or Nolan Richardson.

So kudos for a fun and exciting game that was motivated by wardrobes.


The Bad

In keeping with the theme of multiple categories this week, things got real bleak for college basketball and the Southeastern Conference last week cause the top-ranked Kentucky Wildcats kept winning in big fashion.

This guy really thought the Georgia Bulldogs had a great opportunity to pull the upset on the road on Tuesday. But that was not meant to be and BBN just kept on rolling.

In other words, the Wildcats may just actually run the table at this point.

Which is very, very, very bad news for college hoops.


The Ugly

The Miami Hurricanes a week ago was ranked No. 23 in the nation with a 14-5 record and a 4-2 mark in the Atlantic Coast Conference with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets next on the schedule.

Yes. The same Georgia Tech team that score a total of 28 points in the entire game against the Virginia Cavaliers the last time they were on the court.

Perfect scenario for Miami, right?


How about a 20-point, 70-50, loss to the Yellow Jackets.

How the heck do you lose by 20 at home to Georgia Tech?

That loss started a three game slide for the Hurricanes as well as they lost 55-54 to the Florida State Seminoles and 64-55 to Louisville.

Now at 14-8 and 4-5 in the ACC, Miami just played themselves from a ticket to dance in march to a date at home watching Hoosiers on Netflix.

The definition of ugly.


*Section Photo credit to The Crunch Zone; Featured Photo (above) credit to Mark Blankenbaker.

(4) Duke Slips Past Georgia Tech
(4) Duke Slips Past Georgia Tech