#TBT: Catching Up With Shayne Skov

Q: What was your experience like at Trinity-Pauling (boarding school) in high school?

A: Boarding school was an incredible opportunity for me. It granted me the  opportunity to mature and gain independence as a young adult.

Q: What was it about Stanford that drew you to the west coast?

A: At the time stanford hadn’t had much success but a bunch of my commit class and I recognized the potential the program had. As well as the unique opportunity to both play and study at a top 3 institution both on the field and off it.

Q: After going undrafted, was there ever a thought of looking for another profession?

A:  think that as an athlete I’ve always been aware that your career can end before you ever expect it. I think I’ve always emphasized being well rounded, however football is my sole focus at the moment. The window of opportunity is to small to not spend all of your energy achieving your goals

Q: What was the transition like from Stanford to the NFL?

A: In some respects it was very similar with the way we run our program. There were also adjustments, the schedule, learning from veterans about how they approach the game, etc

Q: How was it getting a chance to play for your former college coach (Jim Harbaugh) in the NFL?

A: I think coach harbaugh did a tremendous job, his body of work the past few years speaks for itself.  It was nice to be reunited and I’m sure he’ll continue his success at Michigan.

Q: What was daily life like around the NFL? What was the transition like going from San Francisco to Tampa Bay during the season?

A: Every team is run differently but Coach Smith and the staff at Tampa were great.  Toughest adjustment was probably the humidity haha.

Q: How was it staying in California to start your NFL career after playing at Stanford?

A: I don’t think it would of made much of a difference.  The weather was a plus, but the hours you spend at the facility (if you want to succeed) really doesn’t allow much time to adventure

Q: What are your top-5 albums of all time?

A: Nas – illmatic; Al green- I’m still in love with you; Audioslave- audioslave; Daft punk- homework; Chicane- behind the sun

*Section Photo credit to Associated Press; Featured Photo credit to Bob Stanton, USA Today Sports

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