CSN Exclusive: Perry Orth

Perry Orth is a redshirt junior quarterback at the University of South Carolina. In his first two seasons at Carolina, he served as a back up to NFL starter Connor Shaw and South Carolina single-season passing leader Dylan Thompson. In his junior year, Orth hopes to climb the depth chart to land the starting job. He is competing with redshirt sophomore Connor Mitch, redshirt freshman Michael Scarnecchia and incoming freshman Lorenzo Nunez. Although he has seen limited game action, he is ready to make his mark on the program. His father Rusty was a football player at West Virginia and his brother Calvin played baseball at The Citadel.


What has been your favorite part of playing football at South Carolina?

Game day! Game Day at South Carolina is unlike any other school that I’ve been too. The atmosphere during the games competes with any other school in the country. Running out of the tunnel to 2001: A Space Odyssey in front of 83,000 crazy fans is easily the best feeling in the world.

How influential were guys like Connor Shaw and Dylan Thompson to your development?

Both guys showed me what it takes to be a starting QB in the SEC on and off of the field. They also showed me the hard work that goes into being a QB at USC. Connor showed how to lead by example and Dylan did a great job of always staying positive even when things did not seem to go our way.

Why did you choose South Carolina?

I chose to walk on at Carolina because it was a life long dream to play at the Division 1 level, and when South Carolina gave me that opportunity I had to accept. I chose to walk on at Carolina over University South Florida. The biggest reason why I came to South Carolina was the history and how Coach Spurrier gave all of his quarterbacks an opportunity to play. I thought if I worked hard enough, then maybe he would give me a shot.

What changed your mind at Florida State College of Jacksonville that made you want to play football again?

I chose to walk on at Carolina during my senior year, but due to my late application to the university I had to stay home a semester before I could attend USC, but I had always planned to play at Carolina right out of high school.

What is your best Steve Spurrier story?

The best Coach Spurrier story was my first fall camp. We went out on to the practice field and he was out there with his shirt off working on his golf swing.

After a season in which the Gamecocks may not have lived up to their potential, what can we expect from the 2015 Gamecocks?

 I think in 2015 you will see more attention to detail from both sides of the ball. Our coaches have really been emphasizing paying attention to the small details that will hopefully transition into wins on Saturdays this fall.

How is your relationship with the other QB’s on the roster with the competition wide open and everyone fighting to be the starter?

 All of the QB’s get along great. When it’s time to play football, we are all focused on the task at hand, but when it’s time to hang out we are all great friends. Connor and I were roommates for the first two years of college so that is where we became good friends. Then with Michael, I was his host on his official visit and we have been good friends ever since. Also I am looking forward to meeting Lorenzo Nunez. I have not had a chance to meet him yet but am looking forward to it.

What’s it like to go from Ponte Vedra High School to South Carolina?

 The biggest transition from PVHS to South Carolina football wise was the speed of the game, but fortunately I played in a talent rich area in high school. It helped prepare me for the next level. Also my high school coach did a great job of teaching me defenses and coverage’s so that when I came to college I would be prepared for anything thrown at me.

What’s your biggest accomplishment off of the field?

 Maintaining a 3.4 GPA in college, and I can play a little golf too. I’ve shot under an 80 on 18 holes a few times.

What are your top-5 albums of all time?

 Honestly I don’t have a preference of music so I could not even name 5 albums, but I do listen to a lot of different brands of music. Anything but hard rock.

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