NCAA Basketball Pictures and Videos of the Week

It has been a considerably slow week in terms of basketball – both on and off the court. But no worries – I still have some internet gold to share from this past week. Before we delve into our pictures and videos of the week, let’s first recognize the awesome job the University of North Carolina did in honoring the late, great Dean Smith.

This picture encompasses everything Dean Smith did as a coach and Roy Williams’ “Four Corner” play tribute was touching to say the least.

Oregon State’s Wayne Tinkle sweats a lot; I mean imagine sitting next to that guy on a hot airplane. He should be the spokesperson for all of the Old Spice ads.

Michigan guard Spike Albrecht pre game warmup consists of playing beer pong with cups full of nothing. I wouldn’t know but I’ve heard it’s harder when the cup is empty.

LSU went out and had a full out dunk contest in the first half against Florida on Saturday. Jarrell Martin led the way with this breakaway yam.

Louisville forward Montrez “I have spaghetti as hair” Harrell got super mad Saturday against Miami. What do mad basketball players do? They throw the ball off their opponents faces!!

Indiana basketball coach Tom Crean’s face in this interview during the loss against Purdue is just…..I don’t know. It’s halfway between I just saw a ghost and I just locked my keys in my car.

The oldest trick in the book. The fake shot clock countdown. This almost never works, but it worked Saturday as VCU took on UMASS. This fooled just about everybody but the VCU fans who pulled it off.

*Section Photo credit to Brandon Poundstone; Featured Photo (above) credit to ACC Network

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