Should Court Storming Become a Thing of the Past?

Kansas played its fierce rival Kansas State on the road last night, and I didn’t watch. A) because Kansas State has won 13 games the entire season and B) I was watching The Bachelor. After reading the headlines today, I am disappointed I didn’t, because like most of you, I missed the ugly court storming madness that ensued as the horn blew.

There was Kansas head coach Bill Self getting thrown up against the scorers table like a rag doll.

Followed by a Kansas State fan hunting down Kansas player Jamari Traylor and body checking him.

First of all, the Kansas State fan’s “body check” is a laughable attempt at a body check. I really hope he doesn’t think that professional sports is in his future. The expression on his face is odd too, and I have a feeling he will be spending some time in jail. Regardless, the whole fiasco was a mess and it brings up the question, Should the NCAA ban court storming?

Every year it seems that something like this happens; a home unranked underdog knocks off a top ten opponent, and fans go absolutely bananas. I have no issue with the court storming, and I don’t think the NCAA does either; but it only takes one bad apple to ruin the fun for everyone. In order to ruin the fun for everyone, fans have to go out of their way to be obnoxious. For example, the fan who seeked out Kansas player Jamari Traylor and body checked him. Why would you body check someone six inches taller and maybe a hundred pounds heavier than you? Do you feel invincible? Need we all remind fans what happens when you say or do the wrong thing? The fan who could have been decapitated by Marcus Smart last year can tell you that was a big mistake.

From what I understand, every school has a security plan in place in case a court storming happens. It’s the security personnel’s job to put this plan in place and execute it. That didn’t happen at Kansas State last night, in fact it almost looked like they were trying to not do their jobs so absolute madness could ensue. While it’s fun to watch, I can’t imagine its fun for the opposing players to be apart of.

Kansas State athletic director John Currie issued an apology and statement explaining what went wrong last night: “On behalf of President Schulz and K-State Athletics, I apologize to Athletic Director Sheahon Zenger, Coach Bill Self, and the KU basketball team for the unfortunate situation in which they were placed last night at the conclusion of our basketball game.

Our security staff, which in similar past postgame celebrations has, according to our procedures and rehearsals, provided a solid human barrier to allow the teams to conduct a post game handshake and safely leave the court, was unable to get into proper position quickly enough last night and was overwhelmed by the fans rushing the floor.

K-State prides itself on providing a great game atmosphere in a safe environment and did successfully execute our security plan when we defeated KU last year in Bramlage, as well as in 2011. Although no one was hurt last night, we fell short of our expectations for securing the court and escorting KU to its locker room without incident. We are disappointed that we did not do better for the KU team”.

In addition, Currie mentioned that school officials and police were reviewing the tape and had plans to charge the student who made contact with Kansas forward Jamari Traylor. Only issue I have with the statement is when Currie mentioned that security was “overwhelmed by the fans rushing the floor”. Overwhelmed? Kansas State has stormed the court like six times in the past four years. That’s inexcusable. One can only hope other schools take notice to avoid an incident like this from happening again or something much worse.

*Section Photo and Featured Photo (above) credit to Scott Sewell, USA TODAY Sports

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