College Basketball Pics & Videos of the Week

With March Madness just around the corner, the weekly picture and video post is about to be Ba-nanas. This week featured numerous buzzer beaters, some upsets, and some fans that probably wish they hadn’t been caught on video.

North Florida earned their first trip to the NCAA tournament ever and curly haired overmedicated band member (thats what we’re calling him) went ape. This didn’t last for a few seconds; ONE MINUTE AND 21 SECONDS of straight bopping around like a bunny. I can’t even imagine what will ensue if they miraculously win a tournament game next week.

Ah, the weekly Tom Izzo vine. Tom Izzo has the flair for the dramatic and he didn’t let us down Saturday in Indiana’s loss to Michigan State. Down one, with seconds to go, Michigan State was at the line shooting free throws. After clicking the video below, you’ll find Izzo standing in the top corner by the scorer’s table. After the shot, Izzo falls to the ground like a really really old dead tree.

Bill Walton commentated the UCLA-USC game Thursday night and proved once again that we never ever have any idea what he is talking about. I don’t even know what to say to this. Just watch and listen, and be confused.


Dunk City aka Florida Golf Coast University surprised us all last year with a run to the Sweet 16, but sadly they will not be entertaining the nation this year. How they lost is heartbreaking. Down three with 1.2 seconds to go senior guard Bernard Thompson was fouled on a three point attempt. He made the first two, but rimmed out the last one. Watch below.

Davidson picked 12th in it’s first year in the Atlantic 10 has surprised everyone this year. Thursday featured a home game vs. VCU, a regular season championship on the line. Davidson came out on fire, won by double digits, and had a guy in speedo distracting VCU’s free throw shooters. Pictures or it didn’t happen. Yeah, I have pictures.

Saturday featured another moment where people thought maybe Kentucky will lose. Then UK started trying in the second half and people thought differently. Ashley Judd is smoking hot and looked great in those teacher glasses but CBS analyst Doug Gottlieb was pretty weird about it. Watch for yourself.

*Section Photo credit to Andy Lyons, Getty Images; Featured Photo (above) credit to USA Today Sports

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