Student-Athletes’ Presence on Campus

Walking around campus any given day, it is no needle in a haystack mission to spot a student-athlete. It may not always be as blatant as Jameis Winston situations where they jump on a table in the student common area shouting obscenities, but you don’t have to look too hard. Their statue, attitude, and most notably their attire are dead giveaways when going from class to class.

Sweatpants, hoodie, snapback all with the school logo accompanied by school colored shoes and of course the outfit wouldn’t be complete without the beats hanging around the neck. Bingo. You’ve more than likely spotted a student athlete.

Nothing wrong with a little school spirit, right? Here’s where it becomes a problem- when you don’t hold yourself to the standard expected by your coaches, parents, and surrounding peers. Sagging your sweatpants, using your snapback to cover your eyes as you snooze during class, beats playing loud enough to where your whole section of the room can hear every word to Drake’s recent crappy album, are a few well noticed examples. Also when a fellow student has the courage to talk to you in or outside of class there is absolutely no reason to be rude in return.

They would love to be in your position.

In high school, we were forced to wear button downs and nice pants every day to class and if we disturbed the class in anyway our ass was grass come practice time.

While I think the best part of college is the freedom we as students are permitted, I think some groundwork should be laid down as to the way student athletes should present themselves. I’m not necessarily saying they need to be told what to wear, but if it is really that hard to tie a sweatpants drawstring or to turn their music down on their headphones then their wardrobe should be reevaluated.

This isn’t all college athletes by any means, some are extremely respectable individuals who wear their athletic gear appropriately and maintain the expected standard of a student-athlete. So to those specific people I do apologize, but maybe you should hold your teammates accountable for dragging you into the overwhelming stereotype. Be mature and learn how to properly dress.

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*Section Photo credit: Jarrett Bell, USA TODAY Sports; Featured Photo (above) credit to Christine Brennan, USA TODAY Sports