National Beer Day

If you thought it was just another Tuesday, you are wrong. April 7th is an unofficial holiday (depending on who you ask) to celebrate the ending of prohibition when people could finally consume alcohol for the first time after 12 long years.

Students all around the country should rejoice and enjoy a few cold brewskis. It may be a Tuesday, but just imagine what your college experience would be like if alcohol was banned?

Thursday would no longer be an acceptable night to go out. A bar crawl wouldn’t even exist. Tailgating for football games would lose some enthusiasm.  And most of our time would be spent studying or finding something else to do that doesn’t involve alcohol. I doubt many people would even want to go to college if that was the case.

So today, all I ask is that you enjoy your favorite kind of beer on the porch or maybe at your favorite bar. Celebrate something that many others couldn’t celebrate in 1920’s. It’s National Beer Day and Franklin D. Roosevelt didn’t sign the act to end prohibition for nothing. Grab a case of beer with a few friends and rejoice that we live in a country that has a day that honors beer.

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