Everyone is gaga over Josh Jyawook’s catch (Video)

You know local media outlets have spring fever when they are showing college baseball highlights from games that take place in unrelated conferences in different time zones.

Such was the case here in the Bay Area, when the 6 o’clock news featured this highlight from the Evansville-Indiana game.


Well, that and this catch isn’t your run-of-the-mill can of corn.

Social media lit up Wednesday night with following the Evansville 2- victory. Not because the game spanned 14 innings and more than four hours, but because of outfielder Josh Jyawook’s catch that preserved the 1-1 tie in the fifth inning.

Craig Dedelow’s soaring hit could have given the Hoosiers the go-ahead run, but Jyawook’s gymnastic’s like tumble over the wall and into the visitor’s bullpen helped maintain the stalemate in epic fashion.

Maybe the best part about the play is the finish: Jyawook popping up from behind the fence with his glove held proudly in the air, the baseball nestled in its web.

Plus the Hoosiers pitchers in the bullpen as they stand still and observe, probably with stunned looks across their mugs that the camera was too far away to capture.

The play blew up Twitter and Big Ten Network, which was airing the game.

It subsequently caught national outlets’ attention — even ESPN couldn’t resist posting the video from the broadcast.  The excitement carried over into the following day as the catch continued to make highlight reels.

Keep an eye out for Jyawook’s monster rob at the end of the year. We have a feeling it is going to make many a “Top Plays Of 2015” lists.

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*Featured Photo (above) credit to the Courier Press

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